Website design 2016

Everyday the web design industry grows and has so many awesome and new and great things it may be the fastest change in the history of humanity. In 2015 we had predicted many things for the web design industries of most of them actually came through. While many of the biggest things that we predicted in 2015 are still around it is there a time that we see what 2016 will bring oldest in the street.

Infinite scrolling sites

If you have been using Facebook you must realize that it has set the new trends in website design the infidels calling the Facebook has not infected the whole internet. Just because of Facebook but also because of mobile devices becoming more popular that the infinite scrolling has big come at the facto standard in web designing. A mobile device would usually display the same page you find on a PC and a much longer for money so you need to score a lot in order to read everything on the web page, and see mobile more than PCS to browse the internet they have become much more accustomed to scrolling. It is also easier for users to scroll free web page then to actually click links and go to other pages will load slowly to find the content that they want. It’s not just homepages with scrolling it’s to be found we are starting to find more and more one-page websites to find all the information they want the benefits of scrolling are not just in home pages they are even in pages such as product pages has the way to easily display content in the spaced-out

The iPhone 6 Showcase in hope Solo and has a lot of space which actually exceeds its design to give the iPhone 6 get attention it deserves it also allows users 2 zoom in under the product specifications. With using CSS animations long scrolling websites can also have the kind of animations that are triggered by the scroll itself and totally new form of simple but elegant animation designs that actually adds to the information and the way it’s displayed and makes it not prettier and easier to read.

Storytelling interaction

palette-food-11171090A new design trend you will see many web site design companies do in 2016 is story telling¬†instead of just give the user’s content. It is websites that are going to be 2016 and the focus of the best brands worldwide remember animations we talked about this simple animations that are used along scrolling Pages actually help us tell a story and not just give the user contacts and information about the product. Jennifer interactivity when added to a story and animation when used in a website designed can not just rolling with it but actually give them the information that they need in the simplest possible form.


In 2016 simplicity will be king in website designs. Removing unused elements in websites is becoming an avalanche trend. We are going to see many websites try to simplify their design not just to make it simpler for users to find the information they need but also to make it easier for the same website to be used for both desktop. For example if you look at the review digital agency website you’ll find that they have reviews the website elements to a minimum and thus giving the users more focus on the core information on their website. The designers of that website have you moved many design elements in design decisions such as background colors layout and opted for a simple site design that redefines simplicity.

Custom photography Albertson’s the internet and the World Wide Web started people have been using stock images in their websites. Be over repeating and repeating and a plethora of an inspiring website has dulled the senses of users and made them much less sensitive to any message that uses stock photography. We think that in 2016 we are going to see a rise in custom photography. Factor behind this the overabundance of stock photography comer digital cameras have reached such high state of sophistication you can have amazing photos by even aspiring photographers. Equipment you do not really need a $10,000 a day football read stunning photos for your website.

Hidden menus

One of the new website design Trends in 2016 will be invisible menus. Invisible menus are not always invisible thanks just are invisible in the beginning of the website loading process. After the user has had time to look at the website without the distraction of the menu and to get the message delivered in the first instance of looking at the website, being displayed after the user interact with the website it could be just by moving the mouse or just by pressing on elements at the main navigation menu will start the revisit court of the screen real estate that was previously free.

Very large fonts.

In 2016 you start seeing extremely large fonts and websites. The motivating factor to this would be the infinite scrolling websites. Such web sites have a lot of space to give large fonts the space to make their impact on the user. Gone are the days when you are designing a page and are limited just by screen size.

Load speed

Although internet connectivity coming faster and faster broad band is becoming much much more common load speed in 2016 would be more of an issue than it was in 2015. As websites are competing to get the first position in Google many of them will try to squeeze each and every last bit of search engine optimization and that will lead them to try to optimize the page load speed which Google has actually said is one of their pain factors in determining which website gets the first position in its rankings.